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William Mott OBE MVO

Billy Mott is a retired British Army commander best known for his role as Garrison Sergeant Major of London District. He was ceremonial advisor to the Queen, heads of Government and the Armed Forces, organizer of all State Ceremonial Events including HM The Queen Mother’s Funeral, the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee celebrations and The Royal Wedding in 2011.

He served with the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards in Belize, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Kenya and the USA, and completed operational tours in Northern Ireland and The Falklands.

He now lives with his American wife Tammy on their 13 acre farm in Kentucky.

It has been my duty and privilege to serve Her Majesty the Queen both in combat and, later organising State Ceremonial Parades with British Royal Family attendance. I have witnessed many huge public commemorations of lives lost but the poignancy of the There But Not There project brings the commemoration of the Fallen to a heartfelt personal level. Each one of nearly one million British and Commonwealth Military deaths and each one of the 110,000 U.S. Military lives lost in WWI will be acknowledged in this wonderful installation. It is a true honor for me to support this project and know that so much more help will be given to today’s Veterans through the money raised from this campaign.

William Mott OBE MVO

There But Not There